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  • With which insurance companies or health funds does the Photo Dental Institute work?
    The Photo Dental Institute provides services to the main health insurance funds in Israel, including Klalit Smile and Maccabi Dent, and accepts insureds from the main insurance companies ("Besder Institute"), including Harel, Shiloh, Migdal, Menorah, Fenix, Dekla, Clal and David Shield insurance (insurance for tourists). In addition, the institute provides services to the Ministry of Defense and the Akim and Beit Kessler associations, which benefit from special rates as part of the institute's community services.
  • What photographs can be taken at the Photo Dental Institute?
    At the Photo Dental Institute, all types of dental photographs are performed, including digital panoramic photography, status photography, CT for implants and orthodontics. At the institute, 4 of the world's most advanced photocopiers operate at the same time - with a waiting time of only up to 7 minutes for a photo! Among the institute's photographs: digital panoramic photograph: periapical status, X2 bite photographs, special parallelism status, jaw joints (open-closed), occlusal photography, photocopies, periapical photographs; CT: preimplantation, impacted tooth, other, maxilla, mandible, TMJ, interval between cuts, preferences (bone measurement, canal marking, D3 view); Orthodontics photographs: digital panoramic photograph, digital cephalometric photograph (side, back or front), diagnostic study coins (plaster models), drawing and analysis, facial and dental photographs and disk.
  • Lost dental photo. Is it possible to get a copy or do I have to take a second photo?
    At the Photo Dental Institute, we are extremely careful in managing the photo archive, and make sure to attach to each CT photo a passport photo of the person photographed (taken on the spot) - in order to avoid mistakes when handing over the photos a few days later. In addition, the institute makes use of innovative management software that allows locating the client's medical history, details of the attending physician, the type of photographs and bill billing by providing the ID number. only. So if you have visited us in the past, you can be sure that the photos are in good hands and available for your service in the years to come - for a nominal fee.
  • What are the advantages of the CT 3D Accuitomo machine from the Japanese MORITA company compared to other machines on the market?
    The innovative 3D Accuitomo CT machine from the Japanese company MORITA guarantees the dentist the highest and most accurate level of diagnosis, along with reducing the duration of radiation - thanks to continuous collimation and the possibility of photographing both jaws at the same time. So even if you were referred to two photographs for teeth in the lower jaw and the upper jaw - they can be arranged in one rotary photograph. 3D Accuitomo from the Japanese company MORITA excels in a faster-than-average shooting time of only 8-20 seconds - which reduces the risk of movement during shooting and the exposure time (and radiation) to the required minimum, and delivers uncompromising photo quality with a voxel size of 0.125 thanks to the use of a sensor 14 bit - which increases the photo resolution and presents a very precise distinction of bone density.
  • Is it possible to reduce the amount of radiation in panoramic photography?
    The Photo Dental Institute is proud to make available to their customers the new Instrumentatium machine for panoramic photography, which introduces a new standard in the global dental field! The Instrumentatium machine is distinguished by an electronic function that allows you to accurately measure the bone density level of the subject and adjust the photo time (and the radiation level) to the minimum required: so that you can enjoy the best panoramic photo with the minimum exposure time.
  • How long does it take for a CT scan to be ready and how long for a digital panoramic scan?
    A CT scan is ready within 3-4 working days, and so that you don't have to return to the institute, we offer a delivery service of the scans directly to the attending physician, shortening the waiting time for the diagnosis to begin. A panoramic photograph is ready in 5 minutes and thanks to the institute's equipment with the advanced Instrumentatium machine, we can send the photographs directly to the attending physician's email. In both cases, the institute keeps copies of the photographs, so that in the event of loss or the need to recreate the photographs - you will not have to be photographed twice.
  • What orthodontic photographs are performed at the Photodental Institute?
    At the Photo Dental Institute, we perform all the orthodontic photographs required for children and adults for the purpose of straightening teeth or jaws, including panoramic photography, cephalometric photography (profile photographs of the skull, face and jaws), bite/periapical photographs (as needed), facial and dental photographs, editing of analyzes of the relations of the teeth (dental), the relations of the jaws (skeletal) and the soft tissues. At the institute you can also benefit from dental imaging services, the creation of diagnostic study coins (models) and digital photographs of the face and teeth to document the condition of the teeth and the structure of the face - without additional radiation to the patient.
  • Is the Photodental Institute adapted to the visit of disabled people in wheelchairs?
    For the convenience of all our customers, the institute is equipped with an access ramp for the disabled, along with the possibility of performing a CT scan and a panoramic scan in the person's personal wheelchair.
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